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Firstborn in a family based on the use of continuous rotation, MAGICPANEL 602 is a modular LED luminaire allowing for a broad range of diverse visual effects (patent pending). Equipped with continuous double rotation in PAN and TILT mode, it is able to display media thank to its Arkaos KlingNet protocol or to be controlled via DMX RDM protocol through its XLR connectors.

The display is made up of 36 15 Watt LED RGBW modules fitted with high-output 7,5 45-mm optics, the unit runs on a sophisticated and particularly quiet cooling system and offers an overall luminous flux in excess of 14.000 lumen for a consumption of 600 Watt.

This new luminaire integrates the new 4G AYRTON technology that allows the individual control of each LED source in expanded FULL COLOR mode (RGBW). MAGICPANEL 602 offers the option to display numbers, letters, graphic effects or images, but it is also a fabulous lighting projector which can also be used as a dazzling projector. The MAGICPANEL 602 can be used in groups to create rotating screens on the two axes and produce completely novel effects.

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