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Icon M from Light and Sound Design

Lamp Source : 1200W MSR
Beam Angle : 8-24 Zoom (100,000:1 Digital Zoom)**
Iris : Digital**
Strobe : Digital**
Colour Wheel : Custom
2nd Colour Wheel : No
Colour Mixing : Parametric Color System
Effects Wheel : No
Fixed Gobos : Digital**
Rotating Gobos : Digital**
Prism : No
Remote Focus : Yes
Remote Lamp Strike : Yes
Hot Restrike : No
Weight : N/A
Size : 997 x 530 x 610mm
Power Consumption : N/A
8/16 Bit : N/A
DMX Channels : Icon Protocol Only
*Preliminary Release Information Only

** The Icon M Luminaire utilizes the Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) Micromirror technology. Features include 1,000 Digital Gobos and 250 Custom Vector Images or Grayscale Bitmaps, each with instant random access. Images can be shaped, cropped, scaled, rotated, indexed, tiled, blurred, diffused, overlaid, animated and morphed. The Icon M contains the entire DHA Gobo Catalogue onboard. DLP enables Digital Dimming, Iris, Strobe and Zoom functions.



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