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Steve Irwin, Irwin Design and The Show Training Network

Steve Irwin’s skill set affords a unique first hand insight into our industry. An accomplished lighting designer / programmer for over 25 years with instrumental contributions in the lighting simulation field, developing training and support for WYSIWYG and later as a co-founder of ESP Studios provide undeniable credibility.

Steve has been providing lighting design services to the corporate theater and entertainment industries for over 25 years. In that time, he has lit countless events which include lighting design and show services for four US Presidents, multiple Heads of State, Royalty, some of the largest corporate shows known and endless numbers of internationally recognized stars and performers. Presently Steve is kept busy as Lighting Designer/Director for Art Garfunkel.

Steve has excelled in design and pre-programming abilities including items such as WYSIWYG and the Wholehog II. In fact, Steve and his brothers co-created several of the very popular Wysiwyg Tutorials that are available from CAST Lighting. Steve has been amongst the earliest user of the Wholehog line of lighting consoles even taking first delivery of a Hog 2 in the United States (#6 console). Since then he has taught countless others to use many of these powerful industry tools.

Steve also was the co-creator of ESP Studios (which eventually made ESP Vision).

 He has also gone on to develop much of the North American training materials and classes for the Jands Vista line of consoles. Steve is also the primary trainer in the United States.







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