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Steve, Thank you again for your time last night. The valuable tips and tricks I learned will increase my productivity with the software many times fold. Very excited for the many enjoyable programming sessions and experiences I will have programing with the Vista. I am looking forward to the advanced training on Monday night.

Online Session


The instructor's knowledge was exceptional. His delivery was professional, succinct and with good tempo.

Faith Family Church, Victoria, Tx


Steve's class was perfect for my tech's using
both examples and hands on techniques. 

He was open and receptive to all questions. 

White's Chapel UMC   Southlake, TX





Steve was great. He took the time to answer all questions at various levels.
If there was something I did not understand I felt comfortable asking him to explain again.
Content and structure of class was very clear and at a good pace.
Very Good Class.

Moscone Center San Francisco CA


It was good meeting you. Thanks for your patience and methodology. I am always scared of these training sessions and you presented concepts that were easy to grasp with real, practical applications.

College Park, TX


Exceeded my expectations...
Steve was informative and skilled. He is both professional and
very likeable. He is a fine ambassador for
AC lighting and the Jands company.
We could not have had a better time learning from him.
As we progressed through Steve's tutorial we
became even more positive that we chose
the right product for our theater.
We are certain that we now possess the most
efficient and intelligent means by which
show lighting will be programmed now in the present
and in the foreseeable future.
We look forward to meeting him again and also using our Vista T2.

Chaffey College Theater
Rancho Cucamonga California


On that note I must say that learning from Steve was an exceptional experience.  He has honed his craft to perfection - with a very well structured and presented class. He presents the information in a considerate manner and is very patient.  Above all he is passionate about what he does and it is very evident that he wants those he teaches to succeed.  But I guess you know all this already because you have him working for you.  And no - he did not pay me to say all this! 

Candela Controls


Thanks Steve! 

Great class.  Itís always refreshing to have not only a knowledgeable instructor, but one with a little personality (jig-jag etc.).  Everyone had a good time and I think learning was had by all.  Iím looking forward to spending some quality time programming to shore up the concepts you presented.  Canít wait to see Byron!

TLS Alabama


Great class, great teacher recommend
everyone in PSAV go through this training.
Your training was top notch Steve and you are a top notch person.
All your help, knowledge, and info. was greatly appreciated.

Gwinnett Center- Atlanta, GA



The Irwin Brothers, Irwin Design Inc

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With a combined involvement that totals nearly 100 years experience, The Irwin Brothers have been consistently recognized as industry leaders in providing all levels of support and training. We like to help people realize how fun and exciting our industry is. We love to help others and that is why we have created LightingTrainer.COM

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